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NSDA Debate Club (Student-led club)

This debate club is targeted to debaters and students who want to become debaters. At this club, debaters will be introduced to how public forum debate works, the useful tips and techniques, and will be preparing for tournaments together as a debate team. The club will mainly focus on NSDA debate tournaments. For more information on NSDA, here’s there website Feel free to check it out. Participating in debate tournaments is extremely fun. You’ll get the chance to debate in tournaments around the country, learn lots of new knowledge, and become friends with debaters from different places. Come and join the debate community!!

Eligible Students: Grade 6-DP2
Maximum Number: 50
Meeting Day:
Wednesday 16:00-17:00
Club Location:
A202, Wang Jing
Club Leader: Natalie Fang & Arya Chen
Club Supervisor: Ms. Lu Jie

Club Fee: 100RMB/season

Psychology Club (Student-led club)

Join the Psychology club, where we study the mind. Participate in experiments and learn more about yourself. Can you really trust those that you think are your friends? What happens when you don’t believe what you’re saying? What really are IQ and Personality tests, and are they really reliable? Are you racist, even though you don’t think you are? Explore all of these topics and much more in the Psychology club! We do an experiment about a topic each class, then learn about it more in depth.

Eligible Students: Grade 6-Grade 9
Maximum Number: 20
Meeting Day:
Wednesday 16:00-17:00
Club Location:
A403, A404, Wang Jing
Club Leader: Jerry Zhu, Tim Zhou & Beta Chen
Club Supervisor: Mr. Praveen David

Club Fee: 100RMB/season

BWYA MCF (Migrant Children’s Foundation) Club (Student-led club)

MCF BWYA Club aims at helping migrant children in under-resourced schools in Beijing by working with a non-profit organization, MCF, and provide SA and CAS opportunities for BWYA students to develop and improve their IB learner profile attributes. MCF is a non-profit organization registered in the UK founded by Helen Boyle in 2009. MCF aims to enrich the lives of disadvantaged children through various forms of voluntary work, sponsorship, vocational activities and events.

Eligible Students: Grade 7-DP2
Maximum Number: 25
Meeting Day: Wednesday 16:00-17:00
Club Location: A204, Wang Jing
Club Leaders: Bella Dong & Candy Li
Club Supervisor: Mr. Sam Rajesh

Club Fee:100RMB/season

Ellie Dance Club (Student-led club)

Ellie dance club offers any student who are passionate about dancing to join. We are aiming for all the members to improve their dance skills as they join our club. We perform during WTS and May fair, which will challenge the students to improve their dance skills. The club leaders welcome anyone!

Eligible Students: Grade 6-DP2
Maximum Number: 16
Meeting Day: Wednesday 16:00-17:30
Club Location: Greenhouse, Wang Jing
Club Leaders: Esther Yang & Leah Park
Club Supervisor: Mr. Mike Jayam

Club Fee:100RMB/season

Self Defense and BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu)

The club will be focused on basic self defense and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu basics. It will also cover dealing with bullies and learning basic body movement and confidence.

Eligible Students: Grade 6-DP2
Maximum Number: 25
Meeting Day: Wednesday 16:00-17:30
Club Location: Hallway, 4th floor of B building, Wangjing
Club Leaders: Mr. Byron Kennedy & Mr. David Kelly
Club Fee: 1200RMB/season

Gallery One (Student-led club)

Gallery One is the place to be for all of BWYAs up and coming artists and those who plan to continue their education in any creative field. Our club will be a centralizing factor in creating a supportive environment for young creators to think and make the world they envision.

Eligible Students: Grade 6-DP2
Maximum Number: 15
Meeting Day: Wednesday 16:00-17:30
Club Location: A301, Wang Jing
Club Leader: Alice Wen
Club Supervisor: Ms. Lin Green

Club Fee: 200RMB/season

Roots & Shoots (Student-led club)

Roots-and-ShootsThe Roots & Shoots program was started over 20 years ago by world-renowned primatologist and naturalist Jane Goodall. BWYA’s Roots & Shoots club brings together students who share common values: love for animals, care for the community, and devotion to protecting the environment. Working as a team, club members educate themselves and the rest of the school on the hot topics of environmentalism and work hard to protect and improve our own community and environment.

Eligible Students: Grade 6-DP2
Maximum number:25
Meeting Day:
Wednesday 16:00-17:30
Club Location:
 A101, Wang Jing
Club Leaders:
Kitty & Melanie
Club Supervisor:
Mr. Tom Cummins

Club Fee: 100RMB/season