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Chess Club (Student-led club)

Chess is the most popular board game in the world, especially in the European and American countries. Learning chess can improve the ability of observation, memory, mental calculation, endurance, imagination and concentration. Chess has a special status in top universities of the world. In Armenia, chess is what the children above 6-year-old must study. In this club, we will play chess and have fun together. If the students have already known how to play it, they are going to have more opportunities to practice and participate for competitions. If the students don’t know how to play chess yet, they are going to learn the basic rules and simple playing.

Eligible Students: Grade 6-Grade 8
Maximum Number: 20
Meeting Day:
Monday 16:00-17:00
Club Location:
A204, Wang Jing
Club Leader: Sally Wang & Sarah Wang
Club Supervisor: Ms. Ully Hutagalung

Club Fee: 100RMB/season

STEAM (Student-led club)

This time we add art element in our club! Also, in this season, we Are going to do more projects that are related to chemistry. For example, making natural indicators by using cabagges, red cabbages, fruits,etc. If you want to know more, please join our club!

Eligible Students: Grade 6-DP2
Maximum Number: 25
Meeting Day:
Monday 16:00-17:30
Club Location:
A201, Wang Jing
Club Leaders: Christina Wei & Kiki Zhang
Club Supervisor: Ms. Yang Bing

Club Fee: 100RMB/season

Culture Club

This club is for humanities enthusiastic who wish to learn and discuss about history, anthropology, philosophy, traveling, literature and more!

Eligible Students: Grade 6-DP2
Maximum Number: 12
Meeting Day:
Monday 16:00-17:00
Club Location:
B405, Wang Jing
Club Leader: Mr. Ramón Villar
Club Fee: 1200RMB/season

BWYA Store (Student-led club)

In this clubs, students are going to design and create BWYA related products such as school teddy bears, school hoodies and shirts etc. Moreover, the club will aim to sell the products to the wolves’ community at different events and in the school shop. This club will provide students with the chance to apply business management skills and economics related knowledge into real life; for those who are new to the realm of BM and economics, this would be a great chance for them to test out their interests.

Eligible Students: Grade 6-DP1
Maximum Number: 15
Meeting Day:
Monday 16:00-17:00  
Club Location:
A309, Wang Jing
Club Leaders: Wendy Fan & Natalie Fang
Club Supervisor: Ms. Zhu Lihong

Club Fee: 100RMB/season

New Public Service Club

This club is to instruct students to plan and organize a series of activities to service the society. Like going to the old people’s home, or orphanage, or making public service video, or thinking about how to help remote region children etc.

Eligible students:
 Grade 8-DP2
Maximum number: 20
Meeting Day: Monday 16:00-17:00
Club Location: A305, Wang Jing
Club Leaders: Ms. Du Xiaoyi
Club Fee: 1200RMB/season

「District_K」Pop Dance Club (Student-led club)

District. K Dance Club has participated in many school performances in the past two years and won the third place in Teen Dancers 2018 X-mas high school street dance competition. We mainly focus on the current popular urban dance style. You may also have the opportunity to learn some old-school hip-hop dance elements here.

Eligible Students: Grade 6 – DP2
Maximum number: 30
Meeting Day: Monday 16:00-17:30
Club Location: Green House, Wangjing
Club Leaders: Kay Yang, Ariel Zhao & Linda Zhang
Club Supervisor: Ms. Su Shuangshuang

Club Fee: 100RMB/season

MTG Club (Magic The Gathering) (Student-led club)


This club is built for people who are interested inn board games, and several card games including hearthstone and magic the gathering joining a friendly community, and you can play with different people you haven’t met before, master at your playing skills and even learn about simple logics (not programing) and rules. PS:3. There will not be a continuous fee every time, so parents should take responsibility for any out-of-club spending, IT IS NOT OFFICIAL REQUIREMENT TO BUY THINGS INDIVIDUALLY.

Eligible Students: Grade 8-DP2
Maximum Number: 15
Meeting Day: Monday 16:00-17:30
Club Location: A203, Wang Jing
Club Leaders: Rayn Deng
Club Supervisor: Mr. Wang Hang

Club Fee: 100RMB/season

Discover Architecture


Through various activities, students learn basic architectural concepts, sketching, drawing their projects and using different materials to build a model. All this will help them to design and create their own architectural projects from scratching starting with the planning to building the model.

For more information, please visit our website: &

Eligible Students: Grade 6-DP2
Maximum Number: 16
Meeting Day: Monday 16:00-17:30
Club Location: A302, Wang Jing
Club Leader: Mr. Jesus Garcia Jorda
Club Fee: 1500RMB/season

ACAMIS Robotics

legorobot--How does technology affect the job market?

  • On March 24, 2017, Amazon’s Prime Air make its first public U.S. drone delivery.
  • On May 3, 2017, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that his company will invest $1 billion to promote advanced manufacturing that includes everything from 3-D printing aerospace components to installing robots on assembly lines.
  • On Oct 13, 2017, Baidu and BAIC (Beijing Automotive Industry Corp. 北京汽车) announced their co-operation to mass produce L3 class driverless vehicles by 2019 and L4 class driverless vehicles by 2021 in China.
  • By 2019, Tesla is planning to offer full self-driving on its vehicles. It should be noted that Tesla relies on robots heavily for its manufacturing.

Yes, robotics is the future! This club is to help you acquire robotics skills by competing in the ACAMIS robotics tournaments. The two main components in the tournament are robot game and project.

In the robot game, students are to design, build and program their robots using LEGO® MINDSTORMS® hardware and software. By learning how to construct and program mechanisms using wheels, gears, levers, and pulleys, students consolidate their learning by making sense of what they have learned in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

In the project, students develop 21st century learning skills via combination of teamwork, communication and collaboration to solve a real-world problem.

Eligible Students: Grade 6-Grade 9
Maximum Number: 15
Meeting Day: Monday& Thursday 16:00-17:30
Club Location: B503, Wang Jing
Club Leaders: Mr. Danny Yu
Club Fee: 2000RMB/year

There is no recruitment for this season.


forensicsForensics is a public-speaking club that includes five speaking events: impromptu speaking, debate, original speeches, duet acting, and dramatic reading. The club competes against other international schools at tournaments throughout the year.

Eligible Students: Grade 7-DP1
Maximum Number: 30
Meeting Day: Monday 16:00-17:30
Club Location: B504, B505, B506, Wang Jing
Club Leaders: Ms. Courtney McCullagh, Mr. Reuben Haggar & Mr. David Haysom
Club Fee: 200RMB/season

There is no Forensics club on January 21st. It will start on January 28th and there will be an audition on this day.

Student Sounds Magazine (Student-led club)

60179427Student Sounds Magazine is a school-based, non-profit magazine run by BWYA students. There are various roles that Student Sounds provides to students, ranging from writing articles, illustrating articles to designing the layout of the articles. This club has been on-going for years, and we have been freely providing magazines for school every month through the funds provided by our school. Within our magazine, we include articles of our school, useful information on academics, popular article topics chosen by our writers and articles written that converses on a controversial topic. Recently, we have even expanded to the WeChat platform, wherein we upload chosen articles for the month.

Eligible students: Grade 6-DP1
Maximum number: 20
Meeting Day: Monday 16:00-17:00 (meeting twice a month)
Club Location: B501, Wang Jing
Club Leaders: Leah Park & Esther Yang
Club Supervisor: Ms. Li Jiayu

Club Fee: 100RMB/season