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Science Cubed (Student-led club)

If youre worried about your upcoming science tests or e-assessments, if youd like to be better prepared for DP life, or if youd like to develop your skills and interests, it would be a great opportunity for you to join Science Cubed. In this club, you will learn more about all 3 subjects of science. Biology, chemistry AND physics! We welcome all students from grade 9 to DP1!

Eligible Students: Grade 9-DP2
Maximum Number: 20
Meeting Day:
Friday 16:00-17:30
Club Location:
A202, Wang Jing
Club Leader: Jenny Fang & Kelly Chang
Club Supervisor: Mr. Sam Rajesh

Club Fee: 100RMB/season

Flower Fun

You will learn both essential and simple flower arranging skills to explore the fun world of playing with roses, daisies, ferns and many more. The teacher owns the Certificate of Professional Floral Design from Canadian Institute of Floral Design(CIFD).

Eligible Students: Grade 6-DP1
Maximum Number: 12
Meeting Day:
Friday 16:00-17:30
Club Location:
A101, Wang Jing
Club Leader: Ms. Jiang Wei
Club Fee: 1850RMB/season

DP1 Science Discussion Club (Student-led club)

Our club is seeking to improve the participant’s Physics and Chemistry understanding to derive better grades for crucial tests. Our focus is not teaching new content but reviewing hard and important concepts and pre-revision to better grasp information in class.

Eligible Students: DP1
Minimum Number: 10
Meeting Day:
Friday 16:00-17:00
Club Location:
A203, Wang Jing
Club Leader: Joon Jeon, Michael Qiu, Jason Cheng & Jun Koo
Club Supervisor: Ms. Xu Xiaohui

Club Fee: 100RMB/season

Maths lab

Mathematics is more than computation and memorization of procedures. This club focuses on developing student’s mathematical reasoning through a variety of challenging problems. Mathematical reasoning is a critical skill that allows students to acquire a deeper understanding and to make sense of mathematics. Students will also participate in the International Math Olympiads for Elementary and Middle schools.

Eligible Students: Grade 6-Grade 8
Maximum Number: 24
Meeting Day: Friday 16:00-17:30
Club Location: A204, Wang Jing
Club Leader: Mr. Jesus Garcia Jorda
Club Fee: 1200RMB/season

Film Club (Student-led club)

In BWYA Film Club, you will be able to make your own film projects or participate in film production (count as CAS creativity). You could experience the job as a director, script writer, actor, music producer, anything you would like to try out! You would also have a chance to participate in Beijing Student Film Festival. This season, we have another role in the film festival as well, if you would like to participate in organizing a film festival, film club is also the right club for you (count as SA and CAS). We are looking forward for you to join!

Eligible Students: Grade 8-DP2
Maximum Number: 20
Meeting Day:
Friday ( once a month) 16:00-17:00
Club Location:
A201, Wang Jing
Club Leaders: Amanda & Hannah
Club Supervisor: Ms. Guan Shujie

Club Fee: 100RMB/season